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Project Management On Demand Success Stories #2

A great solution to sudden changes in workflow. How on demand project management is a cost-effective way of scaling projects – fast!

The client.

The Box is a successful and growing Brighton animation and video production studio that makes professional video content for brands and corporate clients around the world. They specialise in telling brand stories visually in creative and impactful ways.

The challenge.

The demand for animation and video production varies from month to month and year to year. There can be sudden spikes in workload when several jobs come in and delivery dates overlap or coincide. The challenge then is to cost-effectively manage this sudden increase in project work. Matthew Cooper, founder of The Box explains:

“There are times when we need extra project managers on the team to help manage the workload … We compared using PMOD with the expense of recruiting another full-time employee. The on demand PM’s time can be billed to the client so financially it’s a simple choice.”

The PMOD solution.

Our on-demand Project Manager Tim was deployed to The Box to help manage an additional large video project that had come in. Joining at a time when staffing was also affected because of illness and holidays, Tim needed to hit the ground running in order to get up to full speed on the project as quickly as possible. Due to time constraints, the brief was that Tim should be able to work on decisions and suggestions autonomously and professionally directly with the client and should be able to manage the team in a fast and efficient way – both within the studio and remotely. Tim was also able to help assess current project management processes within the studio and offer suggestions for improving them, along with ideas for effectively managing the client relationship.

The results.

With the project successfully delivered on time and within budget. We’ll leave the last word to The Box’s Matthew Cooper:

“We chose PMOD for 3 reasons. The talented people they found for us (experienced, knowledgeable), the processes they had in place (fail-safes) and the transparency of the pricing and billing… Nadine and the team have always been lightning quick to respond to requests, proposals and quick questions. It's second to none client servicing.”

If your business could benefit from on demand project management to support fast scaleabilty when workloads increase, get in touch to discuss your requirements here.

Project Management On Demand supplies skilled Project Management professionals to digital businesses when they are needed most. Working remotely or in-house, our PMs look after your key deliverables, mitigate issues, and keep your critical path on-track, and your clients happy. For more information on our services visit

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