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Our top FAQs about Project Management On Demand

What exactly is digital project management and why do I need it?

Digital project management is the organising of multi-disciplinary teams, stakeholders, budgets and resources to plan and execute online projects from concept to delivery. It usually involves planning, co-ordination, fiscal management, leadership, delegation, monitoring, reviewing and the reporting of results. This is carried out using project management software and tools. Your business can benefit from digital project management because it effectively streamlines the project process so should result in business growth and increased ROI.

What roles would a contract digital project manager perform in my business?

Obviously the type and scope of digital projects can vary enormously from app development to digital marketing. The ‘hats’ a digital project manager can wear will also vary from team to team and business to business. Generally, you could expect a digital project manager to handle some, or all of these responsibilities:

  • Planning a project schedule

  • Organising and leading team meetings

  • Drawing up meeting agendas and preparing notes

  • Scheduling and delegating project tasks

  • Managing and monitoring a project schedule and budget

  • Liaising between team, stakeholders and clients

  • Managing deliverables including quality assessment

  • Project reporting

  • Evaluation of project successes and recommendations.

What’s the difference between different project management methodologies and what do I need in my business?

There are several different project management methodologies, many of them based in part on the two main approaches – Waterfall and Agile. Waterfall is the traditional model – whereby each phase of a project flows sequentially in a linear fashion from concept to completion. Agile is the more evolved approach and follows a flexible, iterative model, allowing for revisions and collaboration. The right methodology for your business depends on many variables from your project to your team and your software. The good news is that our experienced project management consultants can come in to your business to assess your processes, advise on the best approach, systems and practice, and carry out team training where required.

What tools do contract digital project managers use and what do I need for my project?

Digital project managers love their tools. There are many of them out there and new ones appearing all the time. Again – it depends on your project, teams, workflow and scope as to which ones are best for your business. Tools and software can make certain tasks easier and projects more efficient. Those tasks are generally; task lists, project schedules, information storage, file sharing, communication and reporting. Again – our consultants can advise on the most suitable tools for your specific project as necessary.

I have a new and expanding business but haven’t had project management before. How do I begin a project management rollout?

At PMOD, we can work with your stakeholders to get under the skin of your business, and understand how you can best manage projects. We offer an initial appraisal meeting free to make early recommendations on how we can help. For businesses in the early stages of the project management process, we recommend teaming up one of our highly experienced consultants with your junior PMs when they lack onsite support from an appropriate colleague.

My business doesn’t need a contract digital project manager but we would like to overhaul in-house project management practice, process and software. Can you help?

Yes, our experienced consultants can undertake a thorough assessment of your project processes and show you best practice. They can equip your business with the process flow that suits it and will help it function efficiently and smoothly. They can also recommend project management systems and software, and supply appropriate templates and documentation.

Isn’t contract digital project management expensive?

It doesn’t need to be! Our project managers work on demand, and can provide you with project management support and guidance exactly where and when you need it. You only pay for budgeted hours and don’t pay for hours unused. If you don’t want the expense or hassle of recruiting full-time permanent project management staff, hiring flexible on-demand staff is a great cost-effective option.

Can’t I just manage my team and projects myself?

Of course! Lots of small digital business owners run their own projects – to start with anyway. But hiring experienced digital project management support is more likely to deliver success, without the stress! Free yourself up to lead the business and push on those all important sales – and let a project management professional do the rest. It’s what they’re trained for after all!

Project Management On Demand supplies skilled project management professionals to digital businesses when they are needed most. Working remotely or in-house, our PMs look after your key deliverables, mitigate issues, and keep your critical path on-track, and your clients happy. For more information on our services, visit

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